Woman arrested after driving through East Tennessee vaccination site

A woman who went to a COVID-19 vaccination site to protest the vaccine was arrested after she drove her car through the vaccination site at a high rate of speed, according to court documents.

Deputies arrested Virginia C. Brown, 36, of Greenback, TN, on Monday morning after she drove through a vaccination center set up at the Foothills Mall.

Deputies assigned to assist at the site saw a blue Chrysler SUV traveling at a high rate of speed through a closed cone course and through an enclosed tent with several health department and national guard personnel working under the tent.

The deputy observed the Chrysler SUV exit the tent and continue to drive recklessly through the cone course. A deputy was able to follow Brown after she drove through the site and arrest her. She was charged with seven counts of felony reckless endangerment.

While sitting in the back of the deputy’s car, she made several statements to deputies about wanting to protest the vaccine. She said she was driving through the course and once she got to the tent, she told the personnel working she was not there for the vaccine. She told deputies she was only doing 5 miles per hour through the tent.

Workers in the tent said the woman in the car was shouting things about the vaccine. They told deputies they thought the woman was yelling “No vaccine,” as she sped by them, narrowly missing hitting seven of the workers under the tent. Several of the workers told deputies they thought the driver was going to kill them.

According to court documents, the vaccination site is well coned off as well as signs letting the public know it is the entrance for the vaccination site.

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