Centerville Rocked By Bizarre Murder; Suspect Posted Actions on Facebook

Centerville, Tn- The quiet rural Hickman County town of about 3,5000, was rocked last night by a scandalous murder. Some of it played out on Facebook.

According to court documents, an off duty Hickman County Deputy was dining at the Mason Jar restaurant in Centerville.

The deputy said he heard multiple gunshots and looked out the window of the restaurant and saw a female fall to the ground across the street.

The deputy said he saw a white male flee the scene.

When the deputy got to the scene he saw that a woman identified as Lucy Brewer had been shot multiple times. She was declared dead at the scene.

The deputy talked to a wounded male at the scene who had been shot in the elbow. The report identifies the male as Earl Brewer
Brewer was taken to a Nashville area hospital.

Court documents say that Earl Brewer identified Gary Tidwell as the shooter.

During the course of the investigation, agents confirmed they learned of a Facebook post in which Gary Tidwell, publicly posted he was having an affair with Lucy Brewer.

Tidwell says in the post that he shot the female victim in the heart and head “because she broke his heart and played games with his head.”

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation agents said they made contact with an immediate family member of Tidwell. He reportedly told agents that he had recieved a text at 5:44pm from Tidewell, that read “Don’t be shocked, I shot and killed Lucy.”

Reported Tidwell text messaged others about what he had done.

The TBI says in the warrant, a citizen called and told agents they had observed Tidwell walking in the area of Church Road of Bon Aqua. The citizen told agents that Tidwell was picked up and given a ride to County Line and Missionary Road.

At approximately 7:30pm, another citizen reported that he had called Tidwell and Tidwell told him that “he had gotten into an argument with his girlfriend and her husband and he shot her six times.”

Law enforcement used cell phone data and pings to locate Tidwell. The data reported placed him in the area of the shooting and later around Missionary Road.

The TBI says that Tidwell was taken into custody in the area of Missionary Road.

Tidwell was in court this evening; he is being held without bond.

He is charged with Criminal Homicide, Attempted Criminal Homicide and a Felon in Possession of a Firearm.

Court documents in Davidson County confirms that Gary Tidwell was convicted of 2nd Degree Murder. He was reportedly released in 2017.

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