Humphreys County Sheriffs office looking for suspect at large

An Investigation has continued on the night of June the 4th/5th Can-am & trailer theft from Bodock Circle. The property, vehicle and suspect still remain at large and unidentified. More specific information has come to light through the ongoing investigation. The suspect was in the area of Walmart from at least approximately 9:40PM to Midnight on June 4, 2021.

A profile photo of the suspect has been discovered, and though still poor video quality does provide a different view. The suspect has shoulder length graying hair and was wearing a Disabled Veterans baseball cap. Other investigation would indicate he is most likely not from Humphreys County, but from either North or West of here and is not overly familiar with the local area.

The suspect’s vehicle has a very specific look. It is a mid 1990’s “Cat Eye” Chevrolet Silverado, in a Metallic Gold color. It has a full, hard style matching bedcover. There is body damage to both rear sides of the bed, likely from backing up and jackknifing a trailer in the past.

At about 10PM the suspect, pulling a short trailer (not the stolen one from Bodock Circle) met with a white male at the Murphys Gas Station on Walmart Drive. The male was driving the white pickup truck shown. That truck has tentatively been identified as a Chevrolet 2500… the old style grill and headlights indicate an early 1990’s model. Open Long Bed…regular cab. It has black rims with the chromed Chevrolet center caps. Mirrors and door handles are black, windows not tinted. This person is considered a witness, as he met and had a conversation with the suspect and we would like to talk with him. He is likely to be from the local area. If you have any information, please contact us here or send email to

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