A Hickman County Pastor/Coach identified as Matthew Brewer charged with Solicitation

A man who is reportedly a Hickman County youth minister at Fairfield Baptist Church and a girls soccer coach at Hickman County Middle School charged with Solicitation of a Person under the age of 18.

Arrest records show that Matthew Brewer was arrested and charged with Solicitation of a Person under the age of 18 on 07/09/2021.

“Speaking from personal point of view, Matt was my youth pastor for the longest, not once did I/we ever get the “vibe” that this would ever happen. I’m not saying it didn’t and I’m not saying it did although I really need to see the investigation reports considering this is mind blowing that he was even charged with something like this. Matt and Jennifer (Matt’s wife) are two of the greatest people I’ve met.”

– Trenton Curtis

More information will be released as soon as it becomes available.


“First off let me start off by saying, I understand why true victims don’t come forward now, because they’ll have to deal with us defendants. I think that’s every criminals goal is to get us people to assume they are a great person and would never do something like that then look at us we are defending him/her from the actions they committed when in reality they are guilty. It’s definitely a shocker and I do apologize for defending brewer, I have no remorse for this individual. Considering there was no victim in this case I will be keeping Jennifer (Matt’s wife) and their kids in my prayers. My final apologies go to Jen because I’d never think Matt would do this either. Be prepared for what you’re about to read.”

– Trenton Curtis

Law enforcement officials made it clear that all of the men charged knew that they were agreeing to meet a 16-year-old for sex in a Spring Hill hotel.

The District Attorney says that he had Assistant District Attorneys present to advise law enforcement.

Officials say that all these men searched ads online and begin to communicate with what they believed was a teenage girl.

The suspects were tracked electronically by various agencies including TBI, FBI and Homeland Security.

Officials said of the arrest of Matthew Brewer who serves as a youth pastor, coach and chaplain for the US Army that his actions were a “blemish” on the US Miltary. That Brewer’s action betray the trust the community placed in him.


The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation arrested 18 men for allegedly seeking illicit sex from minors after a joint two-day undercover operation.

Investigators posted several decoy advertisements on websites known to be linked to prostitution and commercial sex websites to identify and recover potential human trafficking victims, as well as identify individuals seeking to engage in commercial sex acts with minors.

Among those arrested were Matthew Brewer, a youth pastor at Fairfield Baptist Church in Hickman County, according to the church’s website.

The TBI Human Trafficking Unit, the Spring Hill Police Department, the FBI, Homeland Security Investigations and the office of 22nd District Attorney General Brent Cooper were all part of the operation.

Investigators arrested 18 men and booked them into the Maury County Jail as a result of the operation.

Click here view the following men who were arrested in the undercover operation.

Brewer is a youth minister in Hickman County. He is also a chaplain with the Tennessee National Guard.

“The Tennessee Military Department is aware of the recent arrest of a Tennessee National Guardsman and are fully supporting and assisting civil law enforcement as they conduct their investigation. The charges made in this incident do not reflect or meet the standards of the Tennessee National Guard or the Army Values.”

The TBI says their investigation is ongoing with additional charges pending. Photos of the these individuals can be found here.

Fairfield Baptist Church released a statement:

“Our Fairfield Baptist Church family was shocked and saddened with the situation this past weekend involving our youth minister. We are prepared to work with law enforcement if asked and, like many others, are hoping to receive information from law enforcement that will help us better understand all the details.

The content of what was shared with us is not aligned with our Biblical values. We met with our church family Sunday to share what little we knew, and our youth minister has been suspended indefinitely from his duties and the church campus pending court proceedings.

We ask that people would pray for the Brewer family and the church family and anyone else involved as we work through what’s happened.”

-Fairfield Baptist Church

The TC staff Team has gathered information/opinions from the public:

“I think there should be double penalties for criminals who offend while being in a position of public trust.”

Bonnie Sue from Waverly, Tennessee

Upon more conversation with Bonnie, she also states :

“Along with daycare providers, coaches, scout leaders, teachers, cps agents, medical providers, etc… They aren’t just victimizing the victim but they are also destroying community trust in public trust and institutions. That charge should be an addition, matching the penalties of the offending charge.”

Bonnie Sue from Waverly, Tennessee

“Sure, innocent until proven guilty in a court of law but.. it’s not looking too good for him now. Heck, even the church has removed him from the website. The family is suffering now for his actions and these allegations/charges and who wouldn’t feel bad for THEM?! But him?.. not so much. And it leaves one to wonder if the church is so quickly to scrub him off their website, what does that say about the family? It’s time to see just how “Christian ” that church will be with his family. They didn’t deserve any of this because of what HE did! I imagine the congregation and tithes will be getting a little smaller during this fallout. But hey, no business or church likes bad publicity.
And also.. I’m just so sick and tired of reading comments along the lines of “times are really bad nowadays ” or “this is proof the end is near” or ” I can’t believe how bad the world has become nowadays ” I mean, really??…. Like this shit hasn’t been happening for ages upon ages??
And sadly, it’s even been politicized. By the LEFT and the RIGHT! Or by groups like the Q cultists.
But more power to ya! Better late than never.. right?? All he can do now is hire an expensive lawyer.
He may get away or he may not.
But regardless of the outcome of this…
He’s done in this community.
You know it.. and I know it…
I’m totally sympathetic to the family He’s destroying right before our eyes and hopefully they can overcome it but He’s done here!”

George Johnston of Lyles, Tennessee

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