“I meant what I said,” pastor doubles down on church’s mask ban

A Mount Juliet Pastor who is no stranger to making headlines is once again raising eyebrows for his church’s ban on masks.

Greg Locke is pastor at Global Vision Church. He has told followers that they will be asked to leave ‘the tent’ if they show up in masks. “We will escort you to the door,” Locke said in a recent video from his RV in Florida.

“We are a place of faith, not a place of fear,” Locke went on to say. “I’m digging my heels in and I’m not changing my mind.”

Locke has come under question in the recent years, most recently after having pardoned Trump ally Roger Stone speak to his congregation shortly after getting out of jail.

Locke’s message Tuesday comes hours after the CDC issued a recommendation that even vaccinated people should be wearing masks indoors and in certain social settings.


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