‘I’ll…kill you’ 18-year-old charged in armed robbery of realtor in East Nashville

Metro Police said an 18-year-old has been charged in an armed robbery of a realtor in East Nashville last week.

Deontaye Gooch-Blacksmith, 18, turned himself in on Tuesday morning. He’s being charged with aggravated robbery and having a weapon during a dangerous felony.

According to an affidavit, a realtor was trying to open a lockbox along Porter Road in order to show a client. That’s when the realtor says he was approached by a young man with a gun.

“I’ll shoot you. I’ll f***ing kill you,” the gunman told the realtor.

The realtor apparently threw his phone and keys in a nearby bush when the gunman told him to “start running.” The realtor took shelter behind some vehicles and saw his Rav4 being driven away.

Staff at a local gas station said they witnessed the suspect acting suspiciously and saw the realtor running around asking for help. Video surveillance was captured of the suspect. Police said multiple officers came forward with information that the suspect was Gooch-Blacksmith.

The day after the armed robbery, the realtor and his partner tracked an iPad inside the vehicle to the area of 2400 Buena Vista Pike. Coordinating with officers, the stolen vehicle was recovered.

Officers said Gooch-Blacksmith has been involved in seven robberies and several aggravated assaults, including an arrest in 2019 in a carjacking.

Gooch-Blacksmith is now being held on an $90,000 bond.

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