Bella Black in Waverly, Tn announced that they’re officially closing after 11 years.

The owner, Kansas, released the following information later Wednesday evening

“Today is a very sad day. After 11+ years serving our community, I am sad to announce Bella Blak Pizzeria is closed. I want to thank everyone who has supported us and really appreciated what we tried to do. We have made some great friends over the years. Bella has been apart of so many lives. We had birthday parties for your kids every year watching them grow up. Some, even coming to work with us as they got old enough. I watched first dates and anniversary celebrations. I watched business meetings take place, I saw contracts get signed right at our tables that changes the landscape of our town. So many great memories.
Our world has been turned upside down in the last year. Did we close because of Covid? NO. We made it through the shutdowns, mask mandates and limited customers. Last year was a scary time for everyone. Our closing is a product of the economic environment that has been created by government. Cost of labor, goods, equipment and services have skyrocketed and not to mention people just won’t work. That said, we have an amazing staff at Bella who busted their butts but it was near impossible to get new hires even offer substantially higher starting pay.
I have new ventures in the works bringing more great things to this amazing county. I cannot wait to share them with you all. There is more to come.”

-Kansas Klein

2 responses to “Bella Black in Waverly, Tn announced that they’re officially closing after 11 years.”

  1. Nice job Biden..After 11 years you managed to hinder the ability for this pizzerea to stay open. So sad really.


    • What is more sad is someone trying to blame an administration that has been in office for 7 months for the failure of their business. Total BS, if you ask me.


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