A Dickson County woman is behind bars tonight accused of shooting and killing another woman.

According to Dickson County Sheriff’s Investigators, it happened on Pond Rail Road in Dickson County.

When deputies arrive, they find Cuornisha Kenya Northington behind the home. The 38 year old is dead.

Dickson City Police will later find her and take her into custody.

Witnesses on scene tell investigators, the shooter is Lamisha Haynes, 41.

From jail, Tuesday, the 1st degree murder suspect tells sources, she doesn’t remember much about the crime she is accused of.

Read News 2, Andy Cordan and Lamisha Haynes’s conversation

CORDAN: i’m gonna ask you. did you do it?

HAYNES: I don’t remember anything but waking up in jail.

CORDAN: what happened maam?

HAYNES: i don’t know.

CORDAN: when i tell you you are charged with 1st degree murder, what goes thru your mind?

HAYNES: pain, tears sorrow for my children.

CORDAN: Do you own a gun?


CORDAN: Do you remember shooting anyone?


CORDAN: do you remember firing a gun?

HAYNES: No. I just remember waking up in jail. That’s all I remember, really.

The mother of 5 children, ages 21 to one-and-a-half states she knows the victim, but they are not friends or even acquaintances. She says they have not met physically for many years. Haynes says she knew the victim through facebook. When asked about a possible disagreement between the two women, Haynes tells sources, the victim had allegedly made some threats electronically.

CORDAN: when’s the last time you remember seeing her?

HAYNES: I have not physically seen her.

CORDAN: So you don’t remember seeing her?

HAYNES: I seen her on Facebook, but I haven’t physically seen her for years.

When Dickson city police arrest Lamisha Haynes, they find drugs in her car.

CORDAN: Were you high or drunk?

HAYNES: I was high.

CORDAN: using drugs?

HAYNES: yeah. cocaine, crystal meth, a little bit of alcohol.

CORDAN: What did you think when you woke up ma’am?

HAYNES: I cried, broke down in tears. I have kids.

Michael Dotson lives next door to the crime scene and tells sources, he recognizes Lamisha Haynes as being at the property Saturday night.

Dotson says, “I heard 2 pops. That’s about it. They was screaming you shot my mom. that’s about all I heard.”

When asked again if she remembers shooting the victim, Haynes says, “No, I don’t know. I can’t tell you if I did or I didn’t. all I can tell you is I don’t remember anything.”

Haynes is charged with 1st degree murder. Her bond is $500,000.

Dickson Deputies have confirmed to sources that so far, a murder weapon has not been recovered.

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