Houston And Stewart County Work Together To Complete Ground Breaking Program For Female Inmates

While Stewart and Houston County often are at odds when it comes to sports, the Sheriffs of the 2 counties who are good friends worked together when it came to their inmates. They are the first 2 counties to implement “Industrial Readiness Program.”

On Thursday August 12th, (5) female inmates from Houston County and (2) female inmates from Stewart County graduated from the “Industrial Readiness Program” through Nashville State Community College. This course teaches mechanical and technological skills for industrial work. The inmates upon completion of the 45 hour course received their diploma which open doors for future employment in the industrial field. They also can receive 3 or more hours of college credits depending on the University. They also will receive their OSHA certification. All this together makes each of the inmates increasingly more eligible for hire by industries. In fact some companies have guaranteed jobs for inmates when they get out. This is the first ever all female class for Nashville State College and it took a lot of effort to put together. In fact inmates had to be transported daily for 2 weeks to Houston County from Stewart County. Jail Administrator Kenny Anderson, his Correctional Officers and even Sheriff Gray arranged their schedules so they could drive the inmates on certain days. Sheriff Kevin Suggs provide the classroom area and Correctional Officers for the class. Stewart County Sheriffs Office wants to express its gratitude to Sheriff Suggs and his staff for making this class possible. A class for the male inmates is set to start next week at the Stewart County Correction Center.

We want to thank the following for helping make this class happen, John Churchill, Chief Operation Officer of Nashville State University, Larry Mangrum, Training Specialist with Nashville State University, Dawn Gale, Workforce Essential, John Watts, Workforce Essential and Holly Byrd, Workforce Essential.

Good job Sheriffs at working together to benefit the rehabilitation of inmates of both counties.

Paulette Redman
Media Relations Coordinator

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