Dickson County and Cheatham County law officers have an APB out for a chronic offender who investigators say walked away from a court ordered drug treatment facility.

It all boils over Saturday evening when Corporal Michael D. Mealer pulls over Charlie Haskins on a traffic stop.

The Dickson County man’s Dodge Durango has a tail light out.

The 43 year old tells the deputy he has a license, but he cannot produce it. He admits he has no insurance. He also has questionable title to the 2000 Dodge.

According to Cheatham County records, Haskins’ D.L. was suspended in March of 2021 for failure to satisfy fines / costs in Dickson County.

The deputy also sees that Haskins has an active warrant out of Dickson for escape.

According to Dickson County Sheriff Tim Eads, A judge mandated that Haskins go to a minimum security drug rehab facility. According to the sheriff, when Haskins walked away, without permission, he was in violation and considered an escapee.

As the deputy asks the 43 year old to exit the Dodge, Haskins puts it in gear and takes off.

The deputy chases the suspect on the windy country road where speeds at times get up to 70 mph.

According to the report, Haskins takes Petway Road heading to the Dickson County border.

That’s when the deputy says, Haskins drives turns into a driveway, rams a gate, and bails from his Durango, leaving it running and in gear.

The deputy gives chase, but the weeds are thick and tall, and the deputy loses a visual on the escapee.

“He’s run to the river. I’ve lost visual,” Mealer says to dispatch.

Moments are tense as the suspect disappears into the surroundings and the deputy, still alone at this point, carefully searches the periphery of the Harpeth River.

Body cam worn by the deputy shows other law officers pushing through the thick weeds, and even checking the river bank.

As the sun sets, you can hear Deputy Mealer explain what is happening to the property owner who arrives on scene to see how he can assist.

“We’ve got Dickson County bringing a K9 and the THP is bringing a helicopter, and if he is in there, we’ll know in a minute. They said he was swimming to the Cheatham side. He is from White Bluff so he knows the area. If he swims straight across, he’ll have to swim back.”

In Dickson Charlie Haskins is wanted for Escape. And in Cheatham county the suspect is wanted for driving on a suspended license, evading arrest (motor vehicle) evading arrest (foot) reckless endangerment as well as seat belt violation, light law violation and financial responsibility.

If you know the whereabouts of Charlie Haskins, call either the Dickson or Cheatham County sheriff’s department.

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