Lilly Bryant of Humphreys County still missing after the tragic flood that took place

Lilly Bryant, 15 years old; Still not located after the tragic flood that shook the Humphreys County Community.

Following one of the most tragic events I’ve ever covered in Humphreys County, she’s reported missing as of 10:30 AM CST Saturday morning.

It’s been said that she was found although it was not her, there was another female individual that matched her description at the time.

Lilly has not been found and the family is pleading for a safe return.

She was last seen to be in the area of the Shell Station on Cooley St in Waverly Tn; wearing a pink top with blue shorts.

“Her and her sister got swept away but her sister made it to a rescue boat and unfortunately lilly did not” says a close family friend.

If you have any information regarding Lilly’s disappearance, you are asked to email us at: or by phone at 615-450-4763 and we’ll direct any available information to the parents, and authorities.

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