Honoring the brave pilot of the chopper that rescued the waverly flood victims during the horrific event

Many of you have seen this chopper in Waverly during the time of the flood; personally, I did.

This guy saved MULTIPLE, UNCOUNTABLE number of lives during the Humphreys County flood earlier Saturday.

He’s been identified as Joel, Joel’s the owner and pilot of Helistar Aviation.

You guys; you personally Joel, are beyond HEROS. This post means absolutely nothing in regards to how thankful many others and I are for you.

The pilots family later posted:

“My brother Joel rescued around a dozen people from their rooftops in Waverly, Tennessee this past Saturday. He got a call from a distraught woman asking if he could please save her family who was stranded on their roof. He had to carefully fly through the storm to get there. He was able to get there while other pilots were still stranded by the storm. He made several landings with pick ups and flights back and forth dropping people off to areas out of the flooding. There was also a rescue boat helping to get people who couldn’t make it to their roofs. Joel, from his bird’s eye view, helped tell the rescue boat which of the houses had people who needed help to save them time. I knew he had skills, but this level of bravery and skill is just beyond amazing!”

Upon conversation with his sister when I asked her if it’s a team of rescuers or just family friends she stated, “His friend flew with him, but from what I understand, she stayed in the drop off area. Most of the people you saw with him in footage (photographs) would have been people he rescued.”

The bravery this man has words cannot describe.

Have a look at this breathtaking rescue video posted below.

“Joel, the amount of families that now have a loved one because of you is countless, you will be recognized further more I’ve submitted information to ensure that you do. Just for the time being, know that you are beyond appreciated for your dedication to this horrific event that no one was prepared for, your bravery is like no other. Thanks brother”

– Trenton Curtis
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2 responses to “Honoring the brave pilot of the chopper that rescued the waverly flood victims during the horrific event”

  1. Thanks so much for what you have done for me home town Waverly. I still have many friends and family members there.


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