BREAKING: William Brian McKenzie’s jeep found in Jackson pond

Jackson Police are confirming the discovery and recovery of a vehicle belonging to a missing person and remains found inside the vehicle.

According to a statement from JPD, the West Tennessee Dive and Recovery Team was contacted by police after they originally responded to a call about 9 a.m. Sunday morning about a possible vehicle under water in a pond near Howeston Mill Drive just north of Interstate 40 off Old Medina Road and Hopper Barker Road.

The team recovered a 2006 Jeep Liberty that belonged to William Brian McKenzie, who was reported missing in September of 2019.

JPD also confirmed human remains were found inside the vehicle and have been sent to Tennessee Medical Examiners’ Office for an autopsy.

JPD declined to say anything else because of the nature of the ongoing investigation.

McKenzie was an employee of Denny’s restaurant on Christmasville Road at Exit 85 on I-40 when he called his mother at the end of his shift and said he was headed home. He never made it and his phone was turned off shortly after.

Search groups have been coordinated off an on in the 23 months since his disappearance in various areas where he might’ve been searching for either him or his vehicle with no success.

Howeston Mill Drive is two miles away and off the next exit off the interstate.

More to come!

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