Semi Slams into a Dickson County Fire Truck

A Dickson County fire truck rolled over in a collision with an 18-wheeler Wednesday morning.

The accident took place on I-40. Toni Stinson was driving the Dickson County Emergency Management Agency vehicle when the accident occurred, sources reported. She was able to extricate herself from the truck.

No one was seriously injured in the wreck.

The operators response to the public, “Thank you everyone for all the calls & messages. I’m okay, nothing is broken just bruised & sore. I was very blessed today.
I was hit by a 18 wheeler while responding to an accident on I-40 & rolled in the fire truck. I was able to get out on my own. Huge thank you to my guys, DTF, EMS, DFD & DCSO for being as quick as they were.”

Photo Credits: Toni C

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