Local Dickson County Business Owner Slandering Customers; Other Businesses

Earlier Thursday morning (est) Art Smart Tattoo and Piercing shop located at 1110 TN-47, Dickson, TN 37055 posted on social media that they’re, “Running a deal for Friday the 13th.”

An interested customer asks “Does this include industrial” to which the business page replied, “sorry but no” now the interesting statement’s continue on when another individual stated since this shop wasn’t doing so, there was another shop in Dickson that was, and the lady that does them is “amazing.”

Unnecessarily, the business replies, “Wow… telling someone to go to a much less experience piecer is uncool… I get it but don’t steer my people to hacks please.. Go mess your own ear up”

Additionally upon no response of the commentary the business replies again, “What you are doing is a fan biased reply…. it’s a thing bitches do to promote friends… it’s like you believe in your friend so much that you will overlook their flaws. your a good friend but a terrible person. It’s hard enough to see a person mess up piercings but to see this on my page is an insult. Have you ever seen a messed up industrial…. I have …. it’s not pretty and can leave scars forever.. I hate to see it even in people I don’t pierce”

C. Thomas (F) of Dickson County later states, “I genuinely was just giving a recommendation for her to get what she wanted that a different shop was offering. Art smart is so unprofessional. I get it maybe I shouldn’t have said it on their post but they could have deleted my comment and went on but they decided to slam the other shop saying they’re less experienced and I’m a terrible person. Small business should support each other! On that note tempest tattoo is very professional and kind and have never done me or anyone I know wrong! (art smart also made comments about someone’s appearance for no reason) just disgusting”

Another customer commented, “Art smart is incredibly inappropriate. He was winking at me the whole time he pierced my nipples, told me to come back for something “free”, and when I wanted to be an apprentice he told me he could “get handsy”, and gave me a shot of moonshine before my tattoo. He calls women bitches a lot, said we couldn’t wear a lot of makeup. It’s bad overall.”

No charges have been filed against this business owner regarding the case.

Press update from our director:

DRAMA, Language, Content warning

This is the utmost unprofessional thing that will be on any of my platforms although it needs to be said.

If you don’t like drama, scroll on because this is definitely filled with it.

Majority of you inquire an article that we wrote yesterday evening about a tattoo shop in dickson that was defamating other businesses. ( https://trentoncurtis.com/2022/05/13/local-dickson-county-business-slandering-customers-and-other-businesses/ )

Well, the owner reached out apologizing but yet still continues the lies, threats and harassment statements.

Middle TN Media Broadcasting Publications welcomes ALL opinions of any kind under the circumstance that you obide to our Terms and conditions found here: https://trentoncurtis.com/terms-of-agreements/

You will not be moderated nor banned by any member of management for stating your opinion but when you are disrespectful, to anyone, me, moderators, other members, idc you will be booted off all of our platforms.

Moving along, the individual posted will be regarding the owner Miles. The following statement was made on his behalf “My temperament is not made for Facebook. It hasn’t been for a while . I let my temper run yesterday. While being harassed on a Facebook post I paid for , to promote the shop . I struck back with hateful comments just to stop the attack. It is not being turned against me in more attacks on me and my business.. A lot of time has been put in to hurt my business that is uncalled for . I don’t bother and never has there been a complaint of my actions..I don’t try to take business away from anyone and I never talk bad of anyone…unprovoked.. don’t come at me unless you are ready to get it back worse ..
You can believe what people that hate me want you to believe or you could talk to someone that has come in and met me”

Our behalf of this statement completely varys and is false, he is not hated by anyone in our press or that I’ve heard of. The reasoning behind this whole thing is because he posted nasty comments to an individual on a Facebook post that he made and it was referenced to our press and we took action to publish it.

Everything published was stated via citizens that had interaction with this individual. We do not promote defamation in any kind of manor and the majority of our press are firm believers of two sides to every story. There were not individuals on his behalf that published in his reference, they were all regarding how uncomfortable Miles made them while getting piercings. There are individuals that have stated that they still may pursue criminal charges against miles for the statements/ text messages miles has made to them.

An individual stated on behalf of her personal opinion “You never hurt my feelings i was just showing people that you’re very unprofessional and you’re literally back tracking. You say that but you say on another post that its a trick from another shop. And the sexual harassment to me is not ok and your lucky i dont report it to the police or the better business bureau. I have the screenshots to prove it”

Upon Mile’s response which was deleted although captured via screenshot, he stated “heyyy I’d like to say I’m sorry., not just that I’d like to explain
myself. I paid Facebook for the post. When you
boost it, it cost money. I was not liking
promoting another business on my post
that I’m paying for. If you had just stoped coming back I would have stoped …. I did not track you down and spam your page. I even took it off but it was not enough and you came back and got more.
You were welcome to not get hurt if you had let it go. Now you have twisted it to purposely
hurt my business., that is in fact slander,
What I did was defending against it.”

The Individuals response was, “slander my ass. Lets start from the beginning. For the promoting
another page, all you had to do was
delete the comment. Or been like Hey,
could please pm her about the other
shop and not promote another shop on
my page? Its really simple and easy but you went on to be rude and unprofessional. Now for the second part.I did not track you down. I can easily
google the owner of Art Smart. You also
commented on other comments with
your personal page. I connected two and
two. Third part, you cant say i twisted
your business when other people have
come forward about how sexist you are
and how inappropriate you are.
Especially while piercing nipples. Its not
slander. You chose to comment those
comments. It was simple from the
beginning. I would’ve respected if you had said please dont promote another
shop, im trying to promote my own
shop. Please do it in private messages
But again, you didnt. This will be my last comment. It was simple from the
beginning. I would’ve respected if you
had said please dont promote another
shop, im trying to promote my own
shop. Please do it in private messages.
But again, you didnt. This will be my last
response to you. Now you know how to
handle it for next time.”

Statements from another individual: “im not even a shop owner miles attacked me for
recommending another piercer be a girl
wanted a piercing that miles didnt do.
Miles also said some very sexual things i
can send you the ss (screenshots) if you would like,
Miles got mad that I recommended
another piercer, I have all the
screenshots to prove it. Miles is in the
wrong in this situation. So PLEASE
educate yourself on the situation before ——-”(we didn’t catch the last part of the screenshot)

Upon an inappropriate statement Miles made to the individual his response to the question regarding sexual harassment was “No… it’s an insult., used to put down the other person …. it was inappropriate and I’m sorry as I said.. but no that is a joke you got butt hurt about.

The individuals statement in response was, ”police wouldn’t think its a joke”

Additionally, there was a statement regarding how there was news sources published about his actions, he responds with “I seen it… I would not call that an article. it’s slander. hearsay
started by a hurt little girl (reporting to news) .…. I’m asking you to go away or I’ll hit you with some


The individual responded with, “some more what? You gonna harass me some more? Please do because i will take it to Dickson county police department”

No response was recorded (unless it was deleted)


3 responses to “Local Dickson County Business Owner Slandering Customers; Other Businesses”

  1. So what I gather from this is that people can’t stand a rebuttal. If you feel it necessary to get on a business’ page and post that a different business is better, you don’t get to be upset when the business owner defends his livelihood. Some of yalls parents raised some soft freaking kids.


  2. So what I gather from this is that people can’t stand a rebuttal. If you feel it necessary to get on a business’ page and post that a different business is better, you don’t get to be upset when the business owner defends his livelihood. Some of yalls parents raised some soft freaking kids.


  3. I love how you can comment on how other people raise their kids, keep your nose to yourself and hopefully you don’t have kids that have to suffer with your audacity. You definitely obviously don’t know how to read, maybe you have a disability I’m unaware about? He did not offer a service requested so in support of other local businesses, a commentary recommended a place that did. It’s stated in the article if you again, can read.


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